St. Martin’s Organic

Coffee House


Piano at St Martins - Arthur entertaining


                    Tina - playing ‘Chi Mai’ by Ennio Morricone

                    6 Cakes and 6 Savouries only!
 All freshly made on site and certified by the Soil Association
and made with super healthy ingredients, none of that stuff you get in the high street chains!

We have  SUGAR FREE -  Chocolate cake, Coffee Walnut cake Scones, Carrot cake and Banana bread,  
                 some also Gluten and/or Dairy free 
            Homemade organic Vegan  Flan and Salads 9.95  
            Organic homemade Welsh Rarebit and Salads 9.95
            Organic Smoked Salmon Open Sandwich 8.95
            Organic 4 Salads  6.95 
            Organic Homemade Soup 5.95
            Organic Homemade Mushroom Red Pepper spicy Stew 8.95

                   NOW WITH HIGH SPEED 
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           GOLD AWARD
 Awarded January 2017 to ST MARTINS by the local council E.H.O. for serving exceptionally healthy food and drink.   

               FOOD AND HYGIENE AWARD 5*          
  The Environmental Health Officer Health and hygiene Rating: December 2017 inspection  5*  (maximum score). Soil Association rating also top score.

    At  St Martins you never have to wait for drinks or cakes as they are prepared in front of you whilst you order at the counter, you can then take the tray to your preferred table or ask one of the waitresses to follow you with your order. Any kitchen orders will be delivered to your table.

We now accept CARD PAYMENTS


Welcome to St Martins

A civilized place to meet your friends and good for the soul.

Here at St Martins everything is made on the premises. We only use 100% organic ingredients all S.A certified, except salt, water and wild fish, guaranteeing authenticity and an unbroken food chain from producer to consumer. Always look for the S.A. symbol.

Since our inception in 1979 we have never used microwave ovens, aluminium pots, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or tin openers; we only use glass containers for food storage, not PBA plastic etc. We first introduced organic, G.M. free, unrefined wholefoods in 1985. We use exclusively extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil, no other. Our fruit and vegetable juices are freshly made to order. Our Organic teabags are string tied unbleached paper and totally free of plastic.

We consciously choose ingredients that are very high in antioxidants, free from hydrogenated fats, and with virtually nil trans-fatty acids. Sugar is almost completely removed or replaced with molasses and honey. Our decaffeinated coffee has been produced using the chemical free ‘Swiss Water System’. Our Ice cream (whipped fruit) is made with only organic fruit or vegetables and absolutely no other ingredients.

No industrial chain shop, factory, mass produced convenience foods will ever be served to you here.

Our utensils and crockery are washed in hot water with Ecover washing up liquid (no nasty chemicals) and thoroughly rinsed in hot water.

Please feel free to play the piano or relax upstairs with a game of Chess, Japanese Go or Scrabble.

St Martins, where you can have a treat without spoiling yourself.

All food, drink and ingredients are available to take away.

For your celebrations, seminars or just an informal coffee and cake get together, we can accommodate groups of 50 upstairs and 50 downstairs: please ask for our detailed menu packages.

Keith nelson performing a classical piano
recital at the Palladium Theatre to a packed audience of about 750 people June 2010

  Rebecca’s  Sculptures visit   -  Her work can be seen soon during 

the Festival of Chichester 2018,                                          


   Guitars in the Garden, part of Chichester Festival 2018