St. Martin’s Organic

Coffee House

  Keith Nelson’s Beethovan Pathetique  piano recital in the Palladium theatre to a packed audience of 750 people, June 2010
                         4 Organic Cakes and  4 Organic Savouries only
 All freshly made on site and made with super healthy ingredients, none of that stuff you get in the high street chains...

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        GOLD AWARD    

                                 FOOD AND HYGIENE AWARD 5*          
  The Environmental Health Officer Health and hygiene Rating: December 2020  inspection  5*  (maximum score).

Welcome to St Martins

A civilized place to meet your friends and good for the soul.

       Here at St Martins all meals are made on the premises. We only use organically allowed certified ingredients that are nutritionally dense or wild fish.

      Since our inception, in 1979, we have never used microwave ovens, aluminium pots, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or tin openers; we use glass containers for food storage and wear gloves and masks for all food preparation. We first introduced organic, G.M. free, unrefined wholefoods in 1985. We use extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. some  fruit and vegetable juices are pressed to order.

        We consciously choose ingredients that are very high in antioxidants, free from hydrogenated fats, and with virtually no trans-fatty acids. Sugar is mostly removed wherever practical.

Our decaffeinated coffee has been produced using the chemical free ‘Swiss Water System’ and our tea bags are non chlorine bleached and free from any plastic sealant. 

         Please feel free to play the piano or eat and drink upstairs.

         St Martins, where you can have a treat without spoiling yourself.          

          Covid19    You are required to wear a mask in the coffee house whilst standing, you may remove it only when seated. Your temperature will be checked: Also keep a social distance from others as you move through the establishment:  Please respect our rules for the safety of yourselves, others and our staff. No prams, pushchairs or babies please. No dogs except in the garden.

        We look forward to seeing you.

                   Guitars in the Garden, part of Chichester Festival 2018    




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Tina - playing ‘Chi Mai’ by Ennio Morricone

Pianist Arthur entertaining

FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN BY ALL CUSTOMERS AND ALL STAFF TEMPERATURE CHECKS ON ENTRANCE. SANITISE HANDS.  In 2019 Ann with her two ballet students, Xue Qing Min (lead dancer in Swan lake, China) and Xiao Xiao, who generously give an impromptu performance with Nicholas on the piano.