St. Martin’s Organic

Coffee House

  Keith Nelsons plays Beethoven’s  “Pathetique”, a piano recital in the Palladium theatre to a packed audience of 750 people, June 2010

                     Welcome to St Martins Organic Coffee House

       A civilized place to meet your friends.

      All  savouries  and cakes  are made on the premises in our unique  visually  open  kitchen.

     St Martin’s uses only certified organic ingredients or wild fish.

     We consciously choose whole food ingredients that are very high in  antioxidants,  free  from  hydrogenated  fats  and  with virtually no trans-fatty acids.

      Our  tea bags  are  non-bleached  and  plastic free.

      We use  glass containers for food storage and wear gloves  and  masks  for  all food preparation.

      We  never  use  microwaves,  aluminium pots,  artificial colouring,  flavourings,  preservatives,  tinned  or adulterated convenience foods.

      St Martins is different from other hospitality venues in many ways, for  example  we list full menu ingredients  at the point of sale.

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